Taylar Digital: Branding + Web Design

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Getting the website for Taylar Digital up and running was one heck of a journey when I started this back in August 2017. I had heard Squarespace was easier to use than Wordpress (which I use for my travel blog), so I thought that I would just jump right in and learn as I went. This was not the best idea - I ended up changing my theme twice. That meant manyyyy hours of redesign because I frankly didn't know what I was doing. I buckled down and started looking to the professionals - other women who were Squarespace website designers. I used their blog posts and YouTube videos to make my site exactly how I wanted. I even invested in a course that walked through website design.

And the best part?! The process made me realize how much I LOVED playing around with the design of my site (maybe a littleee too much). It also helped me realize that I wanted to offer it as a service so I could help other budding online entrepreneurs with getting their site launched, without all the stress and hassle.

So, my friends, here is the branding behind Taylar Digital.


I look back at my first ever logo and it honestly makes me laugh. I designed it in Canva before I knew about branding and graphic design. Once I finished the necessary modules of a design course I bought, I went to work on designing a new logo that not only represented me and my business, but also spoke to the kind of audience I wanted to attract: millennial females.

I wanted a logo that was feminine, joyful and professional with a shade of pink and blue colors (navy, teal, sky blue). I loved the idea of a script font for "Taylar" and a sans serif for “Digital,” but was open to variations of script and sans serif between the two words. I was also interested in a floral concept.

My first logo looked wayyy too juvenile and thankfully, I didn't have it for long. Here's a look at my first logo and my current logo. It may not look like much of a difference, but to me it was night and day.

Taylar Digital Official Logo.png
TD.com logo.png


I found the floral icon in a package on Creative Market (my favorite one-stop-shop for all things branding), which was full of other great graphics that matched my branding style.


I love bringing all the design elements of a brand together. From the package I had purchased on Creative Market, I used the other graphics to bring my branding to life. I found the textures and patterns in another package on Creative Market, which fit the feminine aesthetic I wanted.


free design resources and tools.png


Taylar Digital Facebook

Since I already had an Instagram and Twitter account, I only focused on creating a new Facebook page. I set it up with a beautifully branded banner image and my business information. 

It's important to fill out the "About" section of your Facebook page as much as possible so page visitors can gain a better sense of who you are and what services you offer. You don't want them to leave unsure of what kind of business you're running and what you have to offer.

I also changed my Instagram bio to better match who I was and what I had to offer. Before, the account was focused around my travel blog, but since I plan to incorporate travel into my work in the future, I figured it was better to keep the same account. I already have a private account where I share personal photos, so I was not looking to be running a third Instagram account. This account will serve as a mesh for the two - my business blog and travel blog.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Try to keep all your usernames the same as your business name (i.e. Taylar Digital / @taylardigital)

  • Differentiate the content between social profiles. They should not all have the same caption.



I wanted my website to be simple and clean, yet colorful. This worked wonderful with the Rally template. Besides the homepage, I included six other main pages:

  • About

  • Services

  • Portfolio

  • Contact

  • Blog

  • Testimonials

Using the graphics I purchased, I was able to brand my website and create buttons that directed users to my other pages. With the rise of mobile search, I made sure that the site was optimized for mobile and tablet as well. I also included the announcement bar feature at the top of my site, giving potential clients guidance for how to get in touch with me.

Below is a screenshot of my homepage.

Taylar Digital Squarespace Design.png


Whether you're looking for a website redesign or starting a new business, I'll work together with you to produce a website that speaks to you and your audience.