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I'm so excited to share my first project! After I left my part-time job at the local YMCA to pursue graphic and web design, I was approached by a former coworker, Todd, who asked me to create a logo for his wellness practice, NorthStar Wellness. Located in Central New York, NorthStar Wellness offers psychotherapy, counseling and reiki.

The feedback I received from the client questionnaire revealed that they were looking for a logo that exuded a calm and warm feeling. They preferred the color green, but were open to hints of blue. 

Step 1: Brainstorming

Using Pinterest, I first started off with creating a mood board to get inspiration for the logo and to make sure the "feel" I was picturing matched the expectations of the client. 

Step 2: Logo Design

The fun part! Todd provided sample stars that he and his coworkers liked and wanted one to be integrated into the logo, but not in replacement of any letters like the "o" in "North."

Using designs from Creative Market, I was able to find a few stars that most closely resembled the samples Todd had sent over. By alternating the position and size of the star, I was able to create several variations of the logo that included mixes of sans and sans serif fonts, other graphic elements and use of spacing.

Here are the initial options I put together:

NorthStar Wellness Logo Concepts Presentation.jpg
NorthStar Wellness Logo Concepts Presentation 2.jpg

Todd and his team loved the first option (1), but with the larger star (1.1). They also liked 1.1, but without the words underneath. I provided the two variations side-by-side and added color so that they could easier distinguish their favorite between the two designs and colors.

This was the final design the team decided on:

NorthStar Wellness Logo.jpg

Step 3: Branding Style Board

The last step of the design process is creating the branding style board, which includes the other design elements. I loved the colors from the mood board, so I decided to keep those the same except for the navy, which I substituted for black. 

NorthStar Wellness Style Board.jpg

There you have it! I'm so happy to have completed my first project and helped out a former coworker with his practice's branding. 

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